Dongguan Chuan Chen Precision Technology Co.

Dongguan Chuanchen Precision Technology Co.

东莞传晨精密科技有限公司成立于2013年,是一家专注于精密零部件研发、 设计、 制造和销售一体的高新技术企业。产品涉及医疗、光学光电子、新能源、半导体、汽车零部件及特种装备部件等领域。

Transcend is committed to building industry-leading technology, processing equipment, such as CNC milling and turning composite, five-axis linkage machining centers, slow-feeding wire, mirror spark machine, high-precision CNC grinding machine, automated production lines; testing equipment, such as secondary yuan, three yuan, roundness meter, roughness meter, altimeter, profilometer, and so on. With years of experience in the industry and the courage to innovate, we have manufactured a batch of high-quality, high-difficulty, high-efficiency, high-precision and long-life precision parts for domestic and foreign customers, and laid a solid reputation in the industry.

The company has a group of high-level, high-quality professional and technical personnel, focusing on customer needs and industry changes, gathering sand into a tower, polishing every detail to the extreme, to provide customers with higher quality products and services.

In the future, we will hold on to the core of quality, focus on the development of industrialization and specialization, and take the lead in the precision manufacturing industry.

  • 2013


  • 1000
    ten thousand

    registered capital

  • 7000

    Production workshop

  • 150

    Production equipment

  • 100

    technical staff

Dongguan Chuan Chen Precision Technology Co.

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Core Advantages


  • technological innovation
    technological innovation

    technological innovation

    Transcend always insists on independent research and development and technological innovation.
    We have a strong R&D team for high-precision and ultra-precision parts,
    Complex, functional and R&D parts, providing specialized industry solutions.
    Continuously provide the core precision parts of equipment for major well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions.

  • processing capability
    processing capability

    processing capability

    Flexible production, flexible scheduling, improved processing efficiency, and
    The workshop works in 24-hour shifts to ensure that deliveries are completed on time, the
    Fast machining of common precision parts in 3-5 working days, small batch machining.
    Cycle time is shortened to 8-12 working days, with a monthly production capacity of up to 300,000 sets.

  • quality control capability
    quality control capability

    quality control capability

    Transmune has implemented a total quality control program that involves all employees in a collective effort.
    Process engineers complete material analysis, process analysis, simulation analysis, and
    Process engineers are responsible for developing complete process flow cards to ensure that the process is more scientific, effective, and
    IQC controls the incoming materials, IPQC is responsible for the production process, and FQC final inspection ensures smooth delivery.
    The quality pass rate is as high as 98.9%.

  • service capacity
    service capacity

    service capacity

    Customer service team 7X24 hours online
    Quickly resolving customer quotes as well as after-sales issues.
    Able to realize quotation within two hours and after-sales processing within one working day.
    Customer satisfaction up to 97%.

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2023 Shenzhen International Medical Equipment Exhibition
2023 Qingdao International Industrial Automation Exhibition





Company News

Company News

Dongguan Chuan Chen Precision Technology Co.

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